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Huntington Beach oil spill: Dead birds, fish wash up following major offshore leak in California; Pacific Airshow canceled – 6abc Philadelphia


A major oil spill off the coast of Southern California has forced Huntington Beach and activities scheduled to take place in the region to shut down.

Customs write FAAN, demand grounding of 62 private jets in Nigeria – Tribune Online


The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) on Tuesday said that status of 62 private jets operating in the country remain unknown despite the conclusion of a verification exercise of import documents for privately-owned aircraft in the country by the service.

This is even as the NCS revealed that the Federal Aviation Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) has been put on notice to ensure that only privately-owned aircraft duly verified, and cleared by Customs are authorized to operate within the Nigerian airspace.

In a statement signed on Tuesday by the NCS Spokesman, Joseph Attah, the NCS said that 86 private jet operators came forward during the verification exercise and 57 private jets have so far been verified.

According to the NCS statement, “I warmly welcome all of you to this media briefing to keep you updated on the outcome of an exercise duly authorized by the Management of the Service under the able leadership of the Comptroller-General of Customs, Col. Hameed Ibrahim Ali (Rtd).

“As you may recall a press conference was held on the 31st of May 2021 in which the public was notified about the commencement of verification of import documents for privately-owned aircraft in the country.

“In line with its statutory functions as provided for in PART III Sections27, 35, 37, 45, 46, 47, 52, 56, 63 & 64; Part XI Sections 144, 145, 155, 160, 161&164 and Part XII Sections 167, 168, 169 173&174 of the Customs and Excise Management Act (CEMA), all owners of private aircraft in the country were invited to come forward with their relevant importation clearance documents for verification.

“This exercise took place between the 7th of June and August 6th 2021 at the Tariff and Trade Department of the Service. In it the following documents were requested: Aircraft Certificate of Registration, NCAA’s Flight Operations Compliance Certificate (FOCC), NCAA’s Maintenance Compliance Certificate (MCC),  NCAA’s Permit for Non-Commercial Flights (PNCF) and Temporary Import Permit (TIP) (where application).

“Within the stipulated period, 86 private jets/aircraft operators showed up for the exercise and presented the relevant documents for verification. Of this number, 57 were verified as commercial charter operators and were duly cleared for operations.

“29 other private jets/aircraft were found liable for payment of Customs duty. Their values were assessed, and the appropriate demand notices were issued to their owners for the payment of outstanding duties.

“However, 62 other private jet/aircraft whose registration numbers were duly obtained from the appropriate authority were not verified because their owners or designated representatives made no presentations to Customs that could help determine their status.

“To this effect, all 57 commercial charter jet/aircraft operators who presented their documents for verification are requested to come forward to the Tariff and Trade Department of the Nigeria Customs Service Headquarters, Abidjan Street, Wuse Zone 3 Abuja-FCT, Room 312 between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm to collect their Aircraft Clearance Certificates.

“All 29 private jet/aircraft owners and or their representatives who have been issued with demand notices have been given (14) days from the 11th of October 2021 to collect and make payments to the designated Federal Government accounts after which they will be issued with aircraft clearance certificates.

“The owners of the 62 private aircraft for which no presentations were made for their verification, and whose status remain uncertain are requested to immediately furnish the Tariff and Trade department of the Service with the necessary documents for verification and clearance.

“The Nigeria Customs Service implores all concerned to avail themselves of this opportunity as it will not hesitate to activate enforcement procedures on identified defaulters.

“The FAAN has also been put on notice to ensure only privately-owned aircraft duly verified, and cleared by Customs are authorized to operate within our airspace.

“Attached is a list of all private jets/aircraft with their serial numbers that have been cleared for operations, those with outstanding demand notices awaiting payment, and those who have not yet presented themselves for verification and clearance.

“Still, other private jets/aircraft owners whose aircrafts’ registration and manufacturers’ serial numbers do not appear on any of the three lists, will do well to seek further clarification and clearance at Customs Headquarters to avoid embarrassment.

“The Service, therefore, looks forward to full compliance by all private jet/aircraft owners in the country.”


President Muhammadu Buhari Friday at State House Abuja urged the MTN Group to make the available top-of-the-range service to its Nigerian subscribers…

Custom threatens to Impound 29 Private Jets after 14-day Ultimatum


The Nigerian Customs Service has threatened to confiscate 29 privately owned aircraft in the country if the owners and their agents do not comply with a 14-day deadline to resolve customs tax payment concerns.

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Customs had previously invited private aircraft owners in the nation to present their required importation clearance documentation for inspection.

No less than 91 of the country’s 147 identified owners and operators of private jets failed the Nigerian Customs Service’s verification exam (NCS).

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Among the defaulters freed yesterday, 62 allegedly failed to attend the necessary verification exercise, while 29 others were found guilty for failure to pay Customs tax.

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Mr Joseph Attah, a spokesman for Customs, told journalists yesterday that 86 private jets/aircraft operators participated in the exercise and supplied the necessary documentation for verification. According to Attah, 57 of these were validated as commercial charter operators and were given the green light to operate.

All 29 private jet/aircraft owners and or their representatives who have been issued demand notices have been given fourteen (14) days from October 11, 2021, to collect and make payments to the designated federal government accounts, after which they will be issued aircraft clearance certificates, according to Comptroller Attah.

“Owners of private aircraft who have not made a presentation for verification and whose status remains undetermined are urged to provide Customs Service with paperwork for verification and clearance as soon as possible.”

Some celebrities who own private jets include, Orji Uzor Kalu, Senator Ali Modu Sherrif, Bishop David Oyedepo, Otunba Mike Adenuga, Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu, Aliko Dangote, Folorunsho Alakija, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, Late Apostle T.B. Joshua, Apostle Suleman, Wizkid, Davido, PSquare and many more. Nigerian Musicians Who Own Private Jets – Pictures and Price

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Will The B737 Max Revive In Sky…?


What is the most controversial aircraft in this decade…? indeed it’s Boeing’s B737 MAX. As you may know now, Aircraft is under the recertification process and is in the final stage. Most of the airlines and operators are bringing this bird into operations now. let’s recap the scenario behind this bird and discuss on what are Boeing’s plans on reviving their bird in the sky.

Brief on B737 MAX

B737 MAX is Boeing’s 4th Generation of the early 737 series. It has been upgraded with a new engine type LEAP 1B with a high bypass ratio including carbon fiber blades. Dimensional changes on fuselage and wing area improving smooth airflow and efficiency, the introduction of instruments MDS & MCA are the major changes compared to the older versions.

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Tragedy on B737 MAX

The tragedy on B737 starts with the two major accidents in late 2018 and early 2019 causing over 300 people dead. The affected aircraft were almost in perfect condition at that time and the blame went to Boeing as it was the manufacturer defect that cause this destruction.

Right after the accidents, the 737 Max birds around the world were grounded immediately and regulatory was on a hunt for the root cause for this giant failure. The results were put on the show immediately in early 2020 and it was stated that the cause for the accidents was malfunctioning of the newly introduced MCAS and AOA sensors.

Some other failures were reported from time to time-related to flight controls and the Boeing was accused by the authority on this issue.


Immediate fixes were given by FAA and it was included to rectify the MCAS, flight control sensors, and warning alert identification and training on MCAS for the flight crew.

Boeing was able to rectify these changes with other errors raised and had come up with a recertification process for the existing aircraft all over the world in mid-2020.

There onwards recertification process was carried smoothly and after 20 months of the Ethiopian accident the regulatory authority, FAA announced B737 Max was cleared to return to the service. This was done along with issuing applicable AD to conform for existing aircraft and experimental flights were conducted all over the world to demonstrate the compliance on this course.

B737 Max


Currently, Boeing was able to clear out the crisis of their business market along with resolving the issues of devastation by agreeing to pay a nearly $244 million fine and to set up $500 million funds for affected families and $1.77 billion to airlines affected.

Even though they are on track, China is still on a fence about returning their B737 aircraft into their fleet. But it will be soon resolved after the ongoing recertification process in China.

As per recent info, Boeing was able to hand over 14 B737 MAX birds in recent august, and out of 53 orders raised in that month, 35 of them are B737 MAX. When comparing to the return of service date on 2020, there were 169 B737 MAX aircraft delivered till now.

Many aviation specialists are predicting that the B737 MAX will soon be competing with the Airbus market within two years ahead. Many emerging future airlines like Akasa air in India are planning to order B737 Max and South West which runs only B737 aircraft have ordered more B737 on their fleet.

Not only those, United airlines have ordered 200 but Ryanair, Aeromexico, Brazil’s GOL, and Singapore are also among the B737 MAX ordered list recently.

As per recent month development of B737 max sales, it can be stated that the B737 MAX will again fly over the sky with a more confident airworthy state than before and will be competing with the Airbus aviation market soon.

Boeing 737-990 aircraft

https://www.flightglobal.com/airlines/questions-persist-after-737-max recertification/141201.article

Top Tips On How To Become A Professional Pilot


Are you dreaming to become a pilot…? well, it is indeed a prestigious career in the world, but it is not an easy task. You need to grow the right skill set and work hard to make it a reality. Here are some tips for you to initiate your plan on becoming a pilot.


Prepare yourself for the goal. Always ask why you choose this carrier…? Don’t deceive yourself over privileges, salary, and uniforms. Start climbing the ladder if you truly have a passion for aviation.

Always do research, be alert on aviation news, magazines. Dig into the aviation industry and familiarize carrier background from the beginning.

Scan yourself. Figure out the skills that you have already. Clear communication, situational awareness, team working skills, the ability to remain calm, Decisiveness & quick thinking are the common skills of a professional pilot. Grow these within yourself and improve them furthermore.

Prepare for health while you train the brain. You will face many medical examinations before you apply for licenses. Normally to apply for PPL, CPL, ATPL you need to hold 3rd,2nd & 1st Class medical certificates separately. So, to pass these tests, you will need to concern about health too.

becoming a pilot steps


After you prepare yourself and are ready for your career journey, the first move is to find the best flight school which suits you. Currently, there are two types of professional flight training. Integrated and Modular phase. Research more on these phases and choose wisely which phase you are going to train. Keep in mind that, the faster route does not always give you the best results.

Research flight training schools and their training criteria. Ask pilots or trainee pilots who learned from different flight schools and get their feedback. Visit the local CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) website and find the list of approved training organizations.

pilot preparation


This is the main hurdle for a trainee pilot in his/her carrier life. You need to concern more on this, if not you will end up losing both your money and your carrier.

Many commercial airlines recruited pilot officer cadets and train them by giving training loans with a position of a cockpit and aircraft type rating at the end. The training loan is to be deducted by salary. This is indeed a better way as this would not risk you financially. But there is a huge competition for such enrollment as more students are applying for the cadet positions. So be alert on such enrollment in major airlines.

If you have a professional education in the aviation industry, it will be a plus point for you. Always prepare a plan B for what you have planned.


Believe in yourself and what you are doing, don’t give up on your dreams until you reach them. Always try to acquire more knowledge on your course and be patient. Experience you gain in each step will raise you to the top of the ladder. It is not easy but not too difficult. The effort you put in every second towards your goal will not be a waste until you make your dream job a reality.

pilot tips

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C&L Aerospace Acquires Legacy 500 Inventory – C&L Aero


Inventory from complete Embraer Legacy 500 teardown with low hours/cycles

BANGOR, Maine – C&L Aerospace, A C&L Aviation Group company, has acquired an Embraer Legacy 500 inventory consisting of all parts from a teardown project where the aircraft had very low time and cycles. All parts from the aircraft will be stocked in C&L’s newest 27,000 Sq. Ft. warehouse location in Bangor, ME and are available for sale or exchange.

The inventory totals over 1100 line items and covers everything from control surfaces to avionics, landing gear, and all other rotables and structural components. Many of the parts will be tagged and ready for immediate sale or exchange.

“This is an exciting step here at C&L” said Brad Vieux, Director of Business Development, for C&L Aerospace. “We’ve built our existing Challenger, Hawker, and Beechjet parts business on a fast and transparent quoting system, quick and seamless delivery, and fair pricing. We’re proud to offer that same dependability to Legacy operators.”

This inventory acquisition is part of a major investment in the company’s parts business, which in 2021 has included 15 aircraft teardown projects including the 9 ERJ 145 aircraft the company purchased from a European-based operator and a multi-million dollar ATR spare parts purchase made by the company. 

As with all of C&L’s inventory, these Legacy 500 parts will be inspected and made ready for sale, which includes photographing and barcoding each part and corresponding documentation which is sent as viewable links on all customer quotes allowing more transparency for the customer during the buying process.

C&L Aviation Group is an industry leader in servicing, maintaining, and supporting operators in the corporate and regional aviation industry. In addition to aircraft and engine sales and leasing programs, C&L offers parts support, heavy maintenance, interior refurbishment, aircraft teardown, disassembly services, and aircraft management. C&L is headquartered in Bangor, Maine, with international offices in Australia and Europe. www.cla.aero.

Current MRO Status In The Aviation Industry


Have you thought of how are the aircraft continuously fly over the sky.? How do they become airworthy all the time.? The answer for all these lies in MRO Organization. If there is no better MRO in the aviation industry, there won’t be efficient commercial aviation today. So, let’s talk about the current MRO status in the commercial aviation market amid the pandemic situations.


Commercial airlines, aircraft operators are more concerned about the Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul market as it is considered a higher cost factor for them. The aircraft need to be approved fully airworthy while the MRO provides all the necessary maintenance, inspections, repairs, and services to attain it.

So, airlines create their own commercial airline MRO facilities to support their fleet and provide their service to other aircraft also. In order to provide above mentioned tasks, MRO needs to manage their assets such as spare parts, consumables and equipment, and human labor effectively.

Thus, the effective MRO market will allow the aviation industry to run smoothly towards the peak in the Business market.


Image reference – Mahin Nanayakkara (Author clicks)


As per Many recent aviation statistics, the global MRO market was valued at about $616 Billion in 2020 and projected to reach $700 billion by 2026. But due to the current covid pandemic situation, the estimated progress went down.

The main reasons were the impact of commercial public transportation and the temporary closure of aircraft manufacturing units. This led to break the chain between aircraft vendors and MRO companies.

Without proper supply chain management and the operational challenges caused by lack of investments, manpower, and reduction of commercial transportation have dragged into a downturn in the MRO market. But these disruptions were reduced after the reopening of commercial public transport in most countries recently.


Though there was a downturn in the global MRO market during the pandemic period, the current Global market is showing some positive trends. Implementing smart technologies like sensors and IOT raised the Predictive maintenance aspects. Through this, reducing downtime in products, components, fewer maintenance delays, and proper maintainability of component inventory are achieved.

Digitalization on to supply chain management has been caused increasing its performance, tighten chain between suppliers, and proper knowledge of the current market. Human errors can be minimized furthermore and able to administrate the organization without any difficulties.

The rise in the Asian aviation market is a stimulant to the current MRO market. India is emerging to be a centralized MRO hub showing significant growth in manufacturing, automation, and industrialization. China is also started investing in manufacturing and IOT and concerns more about the R&D section in the aviation industry. With increasing the aircraft fleets in the Asian region, the demand for better MRO companies will rise in few years.

Current Aviation Trends

In recent years, the increase of A320 NEO & B737 MAX aircraft, which are narrow-body low-cost carriers has helped to increase commercial transportation. Not only that the count of narrow-body aircraft will increase in next the decade due to the high demand for them.

So, MROs will be able to provide more service to the increased airline fleets by developing their distribution strategy and supply chain capabilities. If the above trends continue to work, the MRO market will achieve the expected market position soon in Commercial aviation.


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Trump Official Billed US for $456,000 in Private Jets Over Five Months: Report


New information is coming out about the use of private jets by Tom Price, the former Georgia congressman who spent eight months as Secretary of Health and Human Services in 2017.

“Tom Price, the health and human services secretary, resigned under pressure… after racking up at least $400,000 in travel bills for chartered flights and undermining President Trump’s promise to drain the swamp of a corrupt and entitled capital,” The New York Timesreported at the time. “Already in trouble with Mr. Trump for months of unsuccessful efforts to repeal and replace President Barack Obama’s health care program, Mr. Price failed to defuse the president’s anger by offering regret and a partial reimbursement.”

A Freedom of Information Act request was filed by The Washington Post and the new emails the newspaper obtained shed light on how the scandal began.

It started in April of 2017, only four months after Price took over the department. Price’s staffers sought to fly him to Los Angeles after his Delta Air Lines flight was delayed due to bad weather.

“Officials quickly secured a $29,000 charter flight — which also had to be scuttled, as tornadoes plagued the D.C. region. But the day’s events left a scar on Price’s top aides, who vowed that the Trump Cabinet official would never again wait on a commercial airline’s schedule, and foreshadowed a five-month travel sprint in which the health department spent $456,000 in taxpayer money on Price’s charter flights across the United States,” the newspaper reported.

In one case, Price did not even need to fly at all, much less on a private jet.

“One of the final trips came in September 2017, when health officials chartered a jet for Price, White House adviser Kellyanne Conway and their aides to fly round trip between Washington and Philadelphia — at a cost of $14,955 to taxpayers, according to government records,” The Post reported. “The department’s Office of Inspector General later concluded that Price’s flight to Philadelphia wasted more than $10,000 in taxpayer money compared with flying commercial, and that he could have made the trip by train.”

Prior to joining the Trump administration, Price spent a dozen years in Congress and chaired the House Budget Committee.

MyPillow CEO defended his appallingly bad and debunked three-hour election conspiracy theory “documentary” called “Absolute Truth,” by saying he was so scared for his life during the Trump presidency that he prayed the federal government did not summarily execute him.

“Yeah, yeah, the ‘Absolute Proof,’ let me tell you the key part of that,” Lindell said. “This is probably the only time where I had a little fear and I had to pray, get on my knees and pray to God. This was 10 days before the impeachment trial. And let me tell you I’m 10 days before, and remember at the time that that was like the towards the end of January, you know the impeachment trials were Tuesday following like the February 8, okay?”

The second Senate impeachment trial of Donald Trump was February 9-13. The House impeached Trump for a second time on January 13 in a 232–197 vote.

“And this was about maybe January 25 or so. I’m sitting there I go, ‘Wow, They’re gonna impeach him,’ and I had word that they were gonna impeach him,” Lindell said, presumably meaning “convict,” given Trump had already been impeached.

“We were not going to be able to show evidence at that trial,” Lindell continued, although it’s unclear why he said “we” since he was not on trial and was not legally part of Trump’s defense.

He then went on to call the January 6 insurrection, for which well over 600 people have been arrested and charged a “big fake insurgency or whatever that you’re against the government.”

“And guess who was number one on that list to come and get? Me. And they were coming, I’m going, ‘God they’re gonna kill me.’ You know, they’re gonna put me and hang me. And basically is what I’m thinking and at that moment he said, You know, I got to put a documentary, just put the evidence out there and make it.”

It’s also unclear why he would think the Trump DOJ or other agencies of the Trump administration would murder him.


Mike Lindell says he had to rush to release his election fraud “documentary” earlier this year because he was afraid the government was going to kill him. pic.twitter.com/uhicAbP8Ha

— Right Wing Watch (@RightWingWatch) September 15, 2021

Pacific Airshow 2021 in Huntington Beach: Navy Leap Frogs parachute team set to perform aerial acrobatics – 6abc Philadelphia


Members of the Navy’s Leap Frog demonstration parachute team are among those set to take to the skies over Huntington Beach.