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Posted By: Marcel van Leeuwen December 21, 2021 Eve Air Mobility, an Embraer company, and Republic Airways Holdings Inc, announced today a Memorandum of Understanding and Letter of Intent to purchase...

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Top 10 Most Expensive Private Jets in the World

INTRODUCTION: It is rightly said that “If you have the money, you can create your world anywhere”, and if you invest the money in a...

Interesting Private Jets for Sales under 1M

INTRODUCTION:  Everyone dreams of having a private jet to their name so that they can get immersed in its dissipation. However, this dream hardly comes...

Top 3 Most Popular Private Jets

In the market for a new business plane? Look no further, here's 3 of the most popular private jets on the market!  Top 3...

Top 10 Best Small Private Jets In The World

Travelling from one part of the world to another has always been a daunting task to perform. If you turn the pages of history,...

Fastest Private Jets in the World

INTRODUCTION: Ever since the innovation of the first airplane, there has been no looking back for this industry. It is evident from the majestic technological...

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Everything you need to know about the re-reboot of your favourite childhood flick.

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Willing to give up their private jets? These climate change advocates declined to answer – World Tribune: Window on the Real World

by WorldTribune Staff, December 12, 2018 Businesses, foundations and individuals who often lecture all of Earth’s inhabitants on their carbon footprints and are vocal supporters of the Paris Agreement on...

The demand for airline-sized private jets has boomed over the years and Boeing has stepped up with its fleet of luxury bizliners — see...

Boeing Business Jets celebrated its 25-year anniversary in July, having dreamt up the first BBJ concept in 1996. The program targeted a niche market of...

Foot rubs and passionate kisses on yachts and private jets: Ghislaine Maxwell trial shown intimate Epstein photo album | The Independent

Prosecutors in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial have released intimate never-before-seen photos of the socialite that lay bare her close relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.The photos...

African Footballers Who Own Private Jets

Being a footballer is such a rewarding profession. In this modern era, footballers are also amongst the richest celebrities who enjoy luxury as a...

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